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5 crystals to celebrate spring

As we shift into the light, bright and abundant season of spring, we thought we would share a few crystals to help celebrate. That natural desire to shed the layers of winter inevitably lead to us cleaning out closets, ridding our spaces of clutter, and creating space for little moments of joy and growth. 

While we love a good purge, don't forget that you can also invite things in - things that symbolize the energy of this season. Why not start with a few of these crystals? Here are 5 suggestions for spring crystals:

Clear Quartz - The quintessential spring cleaning crystal! Known for its ability to amplify energy and help achieve clarity, among many other uses, it lets the light in and then makes it brighter.  Quartz is a chameleon and can look many different ways, from crystal clear to milky to golden and beyond. This one is particularly cheerful!


Pink Tourmaline - Pink Tourmaline is a stone of emotional healing and love. It is perfect for stepping away from the past, and moving on to new beginnings. You can keep small pieces in your bag with you for a loving reminder, or display a more prominent piece, such as this one, wherever you need a reminder of self compassion and love. 

Pyrite - Pyrite is shiny and bold - perfect for shielding you from bad energy and protecting your good vibes. Like spring, it is also associated with abundance. After a year of pulling back, having less, and experiencing so much unpredictability, it serves as a bit of hope that there is abundance through it all. This one actually combines a few of our recommendations and is one of our most unique!

Kyanite - This deep blue beauty encourages clear communication with oneself, as well as tranquility and joy. As we transition to a new season (and this year, spring feels a little like a new reality), a sense of peace and inner trust is priceless. Small pieces can be kept with other crystals with desired properties styled on a dish, while larger pieces steal the show on their own. 

Fluorite - It's just the best! In colors ranging from teal to purple to lime green, fluorite is cheerful as heck and just looking at it makes you happy. It is definitely all about positive energy, and it encourages a go-with-the-flow attitude. Whether it's a tiny cube from the Elmwood mine to a rainbow fluorite display piece, any addition of this special crystal will enhance your spring experience. 

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