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3 tips for your spring crystal refresh

3 tips for your spring crystal refresh
Spring symbolizes abundance and renewal - a period where anything is possible and there is freshness at every turn. Take stock of your existing crystals. Do you love them? Do they bring you joy? If you work with them energetically, are they doing what you want them to do? If the answer is no, then gift them to loved ones or tuck them away for a later season. Not every crystal is going to speak to you at every moment in time and that’s okay! 

Thinking about spring, what are you looking forward to? What are you hoping to invite in? Do you have any crystals that align with your goals, or any crystals that make you feel energized and optimistic? If so, move those crystals front and center in your space to reinforce and support your goals and energetic focus. 

Prefer to just enjoy the aesthetic of your crystals versus working with them energetically? Then simply reflect on the colors and dimensions you want to emphasize in each nook of your home/office/space and do some rearranging! Use this as an opportunity to bring fresh energy to your space overall. 

Spring is such a significant period of renewal - emerging from the inward focus of winter brings new identities and personal growth that may lead you to feel like your existing crystals are missing something. Be intentional about new investments - ask yourself, ‘what am I missing in my crystal collection?’
Think about how you like to interact with your pieces - are you doing energy work or simply decorating with them? Do you want pieces with a specific color or energetic property? Does spring bring big crystal energy and you want a statement piece, or is your energy more focused on a small collection for meditation? Something as simple as the seasonal light changing in your space can create an opportunity to invite a new crystal in… for me, when there’s a spot where the light catches my eye, I love to place a crystal there so I get to enjoy it illuminated for a few moments each day. 

I hope these ideas were helpful to start thinking about how to refresh your crystals for spring! Remember, you really can’t go wrong with your crystals. Let them be a source of happiness for you - don’t overthink it! If it speaks to you, run with it! Let us know how we can help you and your crystal collection this spring 💕