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There is nothing that compares to the intricate beauty of crystals. They have a unique ability to inspire awe and remind us of the incredible history right below our feet. We find deep joy in creating uniquely beautiful crystal collections that enhance our homes, offices and wellness routines. Their aesthetic and energetic properties make them northing short of magical to be around, and it is our passion to help you discover their ability to transform your space + mindset. 

The Founders

Growing up, Becky and Trevor Waddell both had a beloved collection of mineral specimens. One of her favorite pastimes was visiting the Tucson Gem and Mineral show with her mom and bringing home a special new amethyst, which is her birthstone. Trevor would spend whole days digging up fossils in his West Texas backyard. Their love for gems and minerals started early and today they are passionate about helping you discover unique, beautiful pieces to enhance your space and routines. They have a passion for vintage American mined specimens, in addition to a love for high quality pieces from all over the world.