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3 tips for your spring crystal refresh

3 tips for your spring crystal refresh
Spring symbolizes abundance and renewal - a period where anything is possible and there is freshness at every turn. Take stock of your existing crystals. Do you love them? Do they bring you joy? If you work with them energetically, are they doing what you want them to do? If the answer is no, then gift them to loved ones or tuck them away for a later season. Not every crystal is going to speak to you at every moment in time and that’s okay! 

Thinking about spring, what are you looking forward to? What are you hoping to invite in? Do you have any crystals that align with your goals, or any crystals that make you feel energized and optimistic? If so, move those crystals front and center in your space to reinforce and support your goals and energetic focus. 

Prefer to just enjoy the aesthetic of your crystals versus working with them energetically? Then simply reflect on the colors and dimensions you want to emphasize in each nook of your home/office/space and do some rearranging! Use this as an opportunity to bring fresh energy to your space overall. 

Spring is such a significant period of renewal - emerging from the inward focus of winter brings new identities and personal growth that may lead you to feel like your existing crystals are missing something. Be intentional about new investments - ask yourself, ‘what am I missing in my crystal collection?’
Think about how you like to interact with your pieces - are you doing energy work or simply decorating with them? Do you want pieces with a specific color or energetic property? Does spring bring big crystal energy and you want a statement piece, or is your energy more focused on a small collection for meditation? Something as simple as the seasonal light changing in your space can create an opportunity to invite a new crystal in… for me, when there’s a spot where the light catches my eye, I love to place a crystal there so I get to enjoy it illuminated for a few moments each day. 

I hope these ideas were helpful to start thinking about how to refresh your crystals for spring! Remember, you really can’t go wrong with your crystals. Let them be a source of happiness for you - don’t overthink it! If it speaks to you, run with it! Let us know how we can help you and your crystal collection this spring 💕
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Crystal Styling with Amanda Schwab, Interior Designer

We have a little something special today! Our friend Amanda Schwab, crystal lover, super creative interior designer + owner of Designer Soup, is sharing advice and guidance on how to style crystals in your home.

We love her fun approach - I can't wait to hear how you start bringing your crystal beauties center stage after learning from her tips! 

Want to learn more about Amanda? Local to the DC area and need an interior designer with an innovative approach and love for crystals? Look no further than our Q&A with her, which is nestled below the video. 

Without further ado, we are excited to share Amanda's tips for styling your crystals: 


We were so excited to learn about Amanda, who exudes fun and creative energy! Where does all that vision and passion come from? Read on to learn more! 


Where did your passion for design begin?

From the beginning-beginning. CLOTHING. I always was looking for cool clothing when I was younger, very drawn to clothing, it was a struggle to deal with how much clothing made me feel a certain way very early. It was so important for me wear clothing that I loved, and it gave me so much more confidence. Because I was textbook shy.

My passion for interiors then began when my dad was in Real Estate and we would sometimes get to see open houses and I found out what a floor plan was for the first time ever and just thought that it was so cool and interesting. Then I would relentlessly draw my versions of floor plans for my dream home.

What kinds of projects do you typically work on and where? Residential, commercial? Primarily in DC?

My studio is based in Alexandria, VA and has mainly worked within residential spaces in Washington, DC and Northern, VA. Though I am trained and have experience working in both residential and commercial projects. My current projects are mainly in Washington, DC and I love working within the architecture styles found in DC. They are fun but tricky!

How do you approach designing a space - what are key factors that you start thinking about with a new project?

I approach a lot of designing a space through certain types of observations. A lot to do with psychology. I have always used this method at the very start of a design with clients, it was very natural observation and it led to my studio mantra ‘Keeping Out of Character’. I wanted to bring ideas to the table, not so much as to project ideas onto my clients. Therefore, I as a designer keep out of character in the design and am extremely flexible with design pallets. Some key questions I ask either verbally or mentally at the start are “who are these people?” “How do they use their space?”, “How do they naturally interact with things in their surroundings?”, “How do they live and how do they aspire to live?”, “How do they describe living, and how do they dress themselves fashion wise in life”. A lot of the answers to the design solution is the How’s that that they answer, and I help strengthen.

What are some unexpected ways to elevate the design of our homes?

 Go with the idea or ideas you don’t think other people, or everyone, will like. Because, when you start design in that way you start design for yourself, which is an elevation of your self-expression.

Another element of expression and elevation in a home is lighting; so structural, so subjective, the endless possibilities, the temperatures, materials, interactives, inactiveness... it’s a guide again to showcase the spirit of who the homeowners are; or the space owners.

Why do you love designing with crystals?

They are also so subjective and one of a kind, even within the same stone group. You can easily achieve the unexpected, like what was talked about in the previous questions too, with crystals. They are basically limitless in style, influence, energy, sculpture, color, size, -- they are so personal and interactive. The thing I love most about them is they are always evoking something. It’s hard not to look at a crystal, haha. The lighting just dances on its surface. Best pet rock ever! 


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5 crystals to celebrate spring

As we shift into the light, bright and abundant season of spring, we thought we would share a few crystals to help celebrate. That natural desire to shed the layers of winter inevitably lead to us cleaning out closets, ridding our spaces of clutter, and creating space for little moments of joy and growth. 

While we love a good purge, don't forget that you can also invite things in - things that symbolize the energy of this season. Why not start with a few of these crystals? Here are 5 suggestions for spring crystals:

Clear Quartz - The quintessential spring cleaning crystal! Known for its ability to amplify energy and help achieve clarity, among many other uses, it lets the light in and then makes it brighter.  Quartz is a chameleon and can look many different ways, from crystal clear to milky to golden and beyond. This one is particularly cheerful!


Pink Tourmaline - Pink Tourmaline is a stone of emotional healing and love. It is perfect for stepping away from the past, and moving on to new beginnings. You can keep small pieces in your bag with you for a loving reminder, or display a more prominent piece, such as this one, wherever you need a reminder of self compassion and love. 

Pyrite - Pyrite is shiny and bold - perfect for shielding you from bad energy and protecting your good vibes. Like spring, it is also associated with abundance. After a year of pulling back, having less, and experiencing so much unpredictability, it serves as a bit of hope that there is abundance through it all. This one actually combines a few of our recommendations and is one of our most unique!

Kyanite - This deep blue beauty encourages clear communication with oneself, as well as tranquility and joy. As we transition to a new season (and this year, spring feels a little like a new reality), a sense of peace and inner trust is priceless. Small pieces can be kept with other crystals with desired properties styled on a dish, while larger pieces steal the show on their own. 

Fluorite - It's just the best! In colors ranging from teal to purple to lime green, fluorite is cheerful as heck and just looking at it makes you happy. It is definitely all about positive energy, and it encourages a go-with-the-flow attitude. Whether it's a tiny cube from the Elmwood mine to a rainbow fluorite display piece, any addition of this special crystal will enhance your spring experience. 

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