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How to Travel With Crystals

With this summer’s busy travel season, we often hear folks looking for ways to keep crystals with them to help with flight anxiety and sleep support. Keep reading for some easy ways to keep your travel-friendly crystals with you for all the fun!


Probably the easiest way to keep a soothing crystal with you! Palm stones and meditation stones can simply be kept in your pocket for easy, on-demand access. We love this option for anyone who experiences stress during travel or flights, as holding a palm stone and taking a deep breath is discrete and can be done pretty much anywhere. 


Whether you have trouble sleeping while traveling, have anxiety when away from home, or are looking for an anchoring tool for your mindfulness practice on-the-go, tumbled stone sets are the perfect tool to keep crystal friends close by. Keep them secure in a small bag and place them on a dish or other arrangement on your vacation home side table (or wherever you want to use them!) Bring a travel candle or aromatherapy roller for an extra soothing upgrade. 

Want to make your own crystal set? Join us at our upcoming crystal set making session at our wellness studio, Take Care Studio, right across the street from the shop. Tickets are $20 and include your own set of 5 tumbled stones, a $10 savings. Additional sets can be purchased for the same price!

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Let’s face it, some non-polished crystals are just not made to travel. But many are!  Need grounding energy? Bring a cubic pyrite. Want to cleanse your space? A quartz point is perfect. Want to protect your good energy? A classic amethyst piece is just the thing! Tuck them into a petite muslin bag and keep them safe in your bag. Avoid any specimens with fine points, brittle stones (vanadinite, desert rose, scolecite, etc) or stones with lots of angles (these can have lots of points of weakness). Instead, look for pieces that are solid, in a bar or sphere form, or are somewhat flat.

We hope this was helpful and we cannot wait to hear where your crystals travel this summer!