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5 Crystals for New Grads

5 Crystals for New Grads

Graduation is a major milestone at an any age and level of education, and marks a point of transformation and growth in the graduate’s life. A crystal can serve as a wonderful acknowledgment of that significant shift, both from a symbology and/or energetic perspective, but also as a visual celebration of the occasion. With that in mind, we are excited to share a few wonderful crystal suggestions for gifting a new grad! 


Clear quartz is a wonderful gift for grads due to its association with finding clarity and supporting healing. It’s a foundational crystal for any collection and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, clarity and colors. 


Amethysts are great for new grads because they are considered protective of good energy (which is needed to keep up a job search!) and supportive of intuition. Just like quartz (because it’s a type of quartz!) amethyst comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and expressions. The photo shown is a Vera Cruz amethyst, which are typically more delicate and a lighter shade of purple, compared to a typical Brazilian amethyst cluster with deeper purple and uniform points equally distributed.



Vanadinite is visually so stunning with its deep red hues and unique geometric flakes. It’s perfect for grads due to its energetic association with creativity and vitality - supporting a new grad’s quest to find a position that makes them feel creatively fulfilled.



Whether in palm stone form like the above or a big dramatic chunk - or geometric cubic structure - fluorite offers a range of colors, shapes, and growth patterns to inspire just about anyone! Associated with protecting one’s good energy - and protection from bad energy - it’s an ideal companion for anyone charting a new path and deciding what’s next.



Last but certainly not least, blue aragonite. This peaceful ocean blue stone is associated with releasing fear and negativity, and also soothing one’s nerves.    This time of transition can be overwhelming, scary and uncertain, even with all the excitement and happiness. Blue aragonite symbolizes a state of calm and therefor is a wonderful gift for any new grad.