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Crystals for Geminis

Attention all June babies! This one is for you. 

Geminis are so special! Passionate about everything all at once and full of curiosity - social butterflies who feel deeply and want to take it all in. The flip side of these traits are feelings of distraction, boredom and dissatisfaction- quickly moving from one thing to the next in search of more + different. A maximalist in every regard, we are here to celebrate and support our Gemini friends with crystals that nourish and balance their everything energy.


An obvious first choice (June’s birthstone), the flashy allure of moonstone speaks to the twin sign nature of Gemini. Calm and quiet from angle and neon blue at another angle, this stone offers a symbolic olive branch to those experiencing intellectual intensity and boredom all at once. A balancing stone, it brings a sense of harmony to anyone who interacts with it - or wears it! We personally love moonstone in jewelry, as the tiny gems truly capture its magic. 


A grounding stone, galena offers the Gemini quietude. Unlike moonstone, galena is not flashy - in contrast, it is heavy, solid, square and grey - a metaphorical rock which one can lean on in times of overwhelm or uncertainty (metaphorical only, as galena contains lead and should not be handled — including being leaned on, lol!)  A wonderful option for gridding or keeping in a prominent space on display as a reminder that one does not need to do or be all things all at once. 


There is not a soul who wouldn’t benefit from quartz. For the Gemini, Quartz offers clarity for their path - whether its choosing a profession, a relationship or any other significant life choice, it helps us connect with our true desires. 


Not every stone for a Gemini needs to help them find balance and calm - surely their energetic fuel must also be replenished with joy and optimism! This is where yellow calcite comes in. Radiating with sunny cheerfulness, yellow calcite can support the Gemini’s positive, curious outlook on life. 


On their journey, Geminis may find it difficult to tap into their intuition - everything is fascinating and engrossing and they may find it hard to find their ‘true north’ or a grounded sense of direction in life. Chrysocolla supports them in tapping into their intuition and sharing their most authentic self with the world!