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District Mineral

Tumbled Stones

Porcelain Jasper
Smoky Quartz
Peach Agate
Desert Rose
Snowflake Obsidian
Tiger’s Eye
Blue Opal
Pink Opal
Mangano Calcite

Agate – Balances positive and negative energies, grounds, soothes, stamina, strength, surfaces one’s natural talents, encourages speaking truth

Amazonite – Inspiration, confidence, self-love, creative expression, communication skills, truth, resolves conflict, calms in stressful situations

Amethyst – Protection, purification, spiritual awareness, counters addictions, intuition, wise decision-making, clears negativity

Aventurine – Good luck, vitality, confidence, maintain optimism, finding joy in daily life, embrace change and let go of old attachments, general healing

Blue Chalcedony – Soothes unconscious anxieties and fears, calms, clear communication, promotes brotherhood, reduces self-doubt, increases physical energy

Blue Kyanite – Self-expression, speaking truth, good for public speaking and performing, fairness and diplomacy, restful sleep, calming, balance, intuition, aligns the chakras

Carnelian – Courage, confidence to get what you want, helps to embrace change, sexuality, energy, aids in overcoming addictions and harmful habits

Chrysoprase – Compassion, forgiveness, stimulates the heart chakra, connect with nature, promoting positivity and love to others and the earth, heals a broken heart, stone of youth

Hematite – Grounding, seeing positivity in all areas, reduces confusion, turning spiritual into physical, courage and strength during difficulties, removes negativity of others

Jasper – Eliminates negativity, connects to earth, deep meditation, calms fears, dispels nightmares, success in business, detoxifying

Lepidolite – Stress relief, relaxation, purification, stone of transition, releases addictions, independence, self-trust, balances emotions, support stone for mental and emotional imbalances

Mangano Calcite – Tranquility, forgiveness, soothing, self-esteem, helps to express emotions, heals the heart, compassion, inner-peace, rejuvenating, helps to overcome past unresolved trauma or pain, comfort with oneself

Mookaite – Nurturing, decision-making, accept change, shields against negative or dangerous situations, ancestral healing, energy, kindness

Opal – Purification, intensification of emotions, emotional cleansing, positivity, love

Pink Opal – Tranquil, heals emotional wounds, resolves and releases hidden fears, strengthens inner self, centers during good and bad times, individuality, rejuvenating, cleanses the heart space, reduces anxieties and fear

Rhodochrosite – Self-love and self-worth, playfulness, positivity, creativity, healing of childhood emotional wounds, recovery of lost memories and gifts, dreaming

Serpentine – Connection and communication with nature, Kundalini awakening, reduces self-centeredness, embraces changes and growth, joy, clears blocked energy

Smoky Quartz – Clears negativity and energy blockages, grounding, detoxifying, removes fear and depression, concentration, manifests dreams, counters any kind of radiation

Snowflake Obsidian – Calming, shows value of mistakes, see the guidance of the natural world, empowers isolation, perseverance in difficult times, overcome victimization feelings

Sodalite – Rational thought, stabilizes mental and emotional processes, helps to find one’s path in life, intelligence, self-esteem, self-trust

Tiger’s Eye – Mental clarity, protection, willpower, discernment, fairness, dispels fear and worries, stabilizes mood swings, physical wellness, creativity, harmony in relationships