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District Mineral

Hand Crafted Oco Geode Ornaments

Single geode ornament
Set of 5

We are thrilled to share our handcrafted geode ornaments with you! Right in time for the holiday season, these beautiful ornaments can be gifted, used as holiday decor, or even kept as an everyday adornment for your sacred spaces.

Featuring absolutely stunning high quality oco geode slices from Brazil, this ornaments are not your average decoration. They were cut and polished in the USA by a professional lapidary, and then our team finished them by hand with superior quality Italian ribbon customized for each geode slice. They come prepared to be gifted in a small box wrapped in Italian ribbon.

These ornaments are truly one of a kind!

We hope you love these as much as we do! Please place orders early, as these are in very short supply and it is unlikely we will be able to make additional batches this season.

Thank you for supporting small!