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Crystals have been used for centuries around the world to promote wellness, fertility, prosperity, healing, and much more. Athena Perrakis is one of the world's leading experts on crystal wisdom and the founder of America's largest retailer of gemstones, Sage Goddess. In Crystalpedia, she presents the wisdom, history, and ancient powers of 182 of Earth's most sacred stones. She also shares how being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at thirty-eight set her on a path of self-healing, combining conventional medicine with alternative healing practices to achieve her current symptom-free state. Always a lover of crystals, she sought to maximize their impact on her health, but found that there was no comprehensive A-to-Z guide collecting their history, geology, geometry, and mythology all in one place. That's the book she has now written. Crystalpedia teaches:The history, lineage, and magical powers of each crystal. Author - Short: Perrakis, Athena Phd Pages (actual): 368