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A.M. Thorne

Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
Size 8

*Each ring is handmade and requires 4-6 weeks turnaround.*

Moonstone is a perfect stone for aligning yourself with your feminine goddess and connecting with your deepest emotions. Meditate with this stone and work with it during the moon cycles with your intentions for your dreams and aspiration. If you want to ease into the natural flow of life and allow yourself to feel all its beauty this may be the perfect stone for you.

Wear this stone close to your heart to feel its soothing and profound power. Each piece is hand-made and cleansed by the light of the moon.

Stone size ranges apx. 5mm each

14K Yellow Gold
Rainbow Moonstone
One-of-a-Kind made to order.

Available in Sizes 5-8.