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District Mineral

July Birthstone - Vintage Ruby


A softer interpretation of the traditional birthstone jewelry, we are so excited to offer this beautiful and ethically sourced adornment that is just as unique as you! Locally crafted and exclusively available at District Mineral. 

We are excited to introduce you to our July birthstone, a fuchsine Ruby! These pieces are ethically sourced from India. Ruby is a precious gem that has enjoyed an immense amount of lore throughout history and is considered to be quite a treasure. Formed under immense pressure, Ruby gets its iconic color from chromium and ferric iron - ours is a cheerful cool pink due in part to that iron presence! That vibrancy extends to its energetic associations, too - ruby is known for its loving energy, as well as characteristic associated with vitality, including passion and abundance. Whether wearing this stone as a celebration of your birth month or simply because you feel drawn to its uplifting energy, it will be a true joy to wear. This prized crystal is set in rose goldfill on an 18’’ chain.

About District Mineral’s Birthstone Collection

We are beyond elated to announce our first private jewelry collection – the District Mineral  Birthstone Collection. This exciting new capsule is a creative reimagining of the quintessential jewelry piece: the birthstone necklace.

Focusing on ethically sourced, American mined, and vintage stones, we place an emphasis on high quality and rare stones that make each necklace one of a kind. In addition to traditional or primary birthstones, we delighted in exploring the secondary or alternative birthstones, which allowed us to breathe fresh life into this classic jewelry staple.  

We sought some of the most unique and unexpected stones, from milky teal New Mexico turquoise to shimmering Australian opal to minty vintage emeralds. Our stones shy away from the norms of overly saturated and often synthetic gems in favor of delicate, nuanced, and 100% natural ones that speak to the uniqueness of crystals, and the uniqueness of you.

Each necklace is handcrafted locally and set on a delicate 18” 14k rose goldfill chain and can be special ordered in solid gold by request. Please email for a quote. We hope you love this collection just as much as we do, and we look forward to helping you explore the magic and fun of birthstones!