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District Mineral

Advent Calendar Crystal Set


We are so excited to share our 2022 Advent Calendar Crystal Set with you! This year’s collection features a range of American mined pieces, high grade tumbled stones (including peridot and rhodochrosite), mini palm stones, geode slices and more! The set features 24 stones to put in your own calendars (no calendar is included). Each piece will be individually wrapped with a hand written or typed tag indicating the stone’s name and pertinent locale info when applicable. 

Most sets will contain the crystals shown in the photos but substitutions may be made and thus the above crystals are not 100% guaranteed. 

Please place your orders asap, as quantities are limited and they are very time intensive to make! Thank you! 

This is not a children’s toy - it contains small and hazardous pieces and is not suitable for a child who puts items in their mouths. Please  let that some stones contain heavy metals and or are not suitable for regular handling - including chalcopyrite, pyrite and galena. These should simply be placed in a space for viewing but not touching.